Comprehensive List of Publications

Most publications are accessible through the links provided;
publishers are working on remaining links.

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Hippocampus magazine logo


brevity logo

“Distilled Memory”

“Omit Needless Words:
How I Learned to Write with Brevity”

“Loons Fox Wind and Pines:
Life at Iota”





“The Atlantic House”

The Page Turner,
an interview with Jodi Picoult”

Authors behind Bars,”
a conversation with Rosie Schaap: Drinking with Men”

“The Power of Books,
an interview with Will Schwalbe”

“#21. Fairy Tales & Myth”



Tiferet, Winter Issue 2017 (PDF)
Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust (page 77)


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“#AWP17 Conference Report”


proximity mag logo
Proximity Magazine


“An Interview with Bill Roorbach”

“A Conversation with Melanie Brooks”

“The Book Doctor: An Interview with Allison Williams”

“A conversation with Parneshia Jones” 

Times-logo white

Metropolitan Diary:
“Cabdrivers Book Club”


Newsweek-Logo-1000x“A Snowless Season Skiers at Mount Snow”


bernardsville news logo

“Garden Etiquette: Tiptoeing Through the Tulips”

“Here Comes Summer …
And President Trump”


mahon about town logo

“Devoted to Dani–An Interview with Author Dani Shapiro”

“A Chat with Nat–A Conversation with Author Nathaniel Philbrick”

“Still Writing: The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life–An Interview with Author Ann Leary”

“Only Real Men Dabble in the Decorative Arts–The Nantucket Historical Associations 1800’s House Keeps Nantucket Traditions Alive”

“On My Own–A Conversation with Diane Rehme”


dead housekeeping logo

“Preserving Time”


past-ten logo

“January 17, 2008”


lisa romeo blog

“My First Time at the AWP Conference”

“Andrea Reads America”

“Love’s Labour”


veronica valli logo
“Educating Rita”


etiquette school logo

“Garden Etiquette”


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Books for Living,
an interview with author Will Schwalbe”

On My Own
A Conversation with Diane Rehme”

The African Svelte, where all misspellings and mispronunciations are Fair Game,
a letter to author Daniel Menaker”

All the Splendid Things We Planned–A Portrait of a Family,
by Blake Bailey”



“Nantucket Lullaby”

“Loving Nancy Thayer’s Books”

“Sometimes Late Starts are the Best Starts of All”

“Garden Visit Etiquette”

Nantucket Dream Weaving Part I/ Nantucket Dream Weaving Part II

“Survival at Sea”

“Nantucket Blues”

“Atlantic House–for Sconset’s Sake”

“Two Grey Ladies and a Sandy-Haired Blond”

“Having a Senior Moment”