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“The Cedar Ridge Writers Series was set in the perfect place to get inspiration with other dedicated writers at all stages of their careers. Twelve writers form three states learned from two amazing teachers and authors while enjoying the bucolic setting of rural New Jersey. The day was the perfect blend of discussion, instruction, reading, and socializing, and much-needed personal time to write or wander. I work full-time and live just outside of New York City, so a daylong workshop to recharge, listen, learn, and socialize was very invigorating.” 

Caren Lisser, journalist, and author of the novel and screenplay, Carrie Pilby


“I left my first Cedar Ridge Writer’s workshop on June 10th—Creating Memoir from Memory—feeling as if  I’d learned more in a single day than I’d learned all year. The instruction was engaging, mindful, and insightful of memoir structure and publishing trends, and I enjoyed learning from fellow writers in an open and supportive environment. I recommend this nonfiction writing Workshop Series to any writer interested in taking their work to the next level.


—Magin LaSov Gregg, writer whose essays have appeared in The Washington Post, The Dallas Morning News, Bellingham Review, The Rumpus, Full Grown People, and elsewhere. Magin hopes to complete her first memoir this summer.


“At work on a book length memoir about my journey with dogs to a fulfilling life after the loss of my daughter on 9/11/2001, I took this one day workshop for a kickstart. It was a dream day. I expected to take what I needed, tune out the excess, and write a bit. There was not a minute or word in excess. I mapped my narrative, saw concretely the places still empty of content, discovered subtext. Allison K. Williams and Lisa Romeo are excellent teachers. And the lovely salad, made with care by Ryder—what could be better? I drove 9 out of 36 hours for this. Best investment of time ever!”

—Donna Lynn Marsh


“The CRWS Creating Memoir from Memory helped to both expand and streamline my thinking about putting past events on the page. It was the first time I’d ever met the writers and presenters; they were welcoming and supportive from the moment I walked in the room.”
—Michelle DeLiso


“I thoroughly enjoyed the memoir workshop and learned so much from Allison Williams and Lisa Romeo and also by listening to the other attendees. It got my creative juices flowing!”
—Cathy Chester, Freelance Writer/Health Advocate
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“The short prose workshop was fantastic, providing the perfect amount of instruction, encouragement, feedback and free time to write. Lisa and Ryder were both gracious with their time and their teaching comes from experience, which is invaluable. Plus, the location was gorgeous and inspiring, adding to a wonderful environment to get the creative juices flowing.”

—Kristin Curry


I felt welcomed and cared for in the serene workshop setting. The comfortable studio space, delicious snacks and meal, and time spent exploring the property were a balm to my soul.

—Marcia Bilyk

The Short Prose Workshop sponsored by Tiferet Journal and held at Cedar Ridge Farm was a wonderful day filled with informative lectures, interactive discussions about writing and plenty of time to work on our own words. It’s incredibly valuable to take what is typically a solitary experience and share it with others who share the same passion.

—Michele Longo


The nonfiction short prose workshop in May of 2107 was a day well spent practicing and learning the intricacies of flash in the company of accomplished writers. The examples and reading were well chosen, and the instruction was high quality.

—Jan Brady


What I enjoyed most about the Place and Setting Workshop at Cedar Ridge Farm in November of 2017 was the setting, the camaraderie, the enthusiasm and the concern of the presenters of the writers who participated.



This workshop was wonderful and informative. I really liked the excerpts shared in each lesson. They were excellent examples which helped me understand the writers use of Place and setting in different ways. This is a great space for a writer’s workshop, with delicious food!

—Anne Lemay


I liked deconstructing the essays. And the freshness of the exercises. Everything about the workshop was lovely. The day was warm, welcoming and educational.

—Emma Gemme


I really appreciated how thought out and confidently the presentations were given. I enjoyed learning new things to think about and apply to my writing, and hearing the fresh work of other writers. I just want more!

—Emily Wolpe